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1 organza veils, different colors and sizes

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Organza 1color:

organzaschleier 2farbig changierend orange_goldorganza_rot
  white                copper                red                silver               golden          light green          green             turquoise        

        blue              light blue        light violet        light pink         deep pink        neonpink          fuchsia

also available (
sorry, no picture): skyblue, rose´, pink, salmon, bordeaux, purple, black, light golden, greengold

Organza 2-tone:

organzaschleier einfarbig orangebraun_kupfer organzaschleier 2farbig changierend himbeer_gold organzaschleier 2farbig changierend gruen_tuerkis organzaschleier 2farbig changierend tuerkis_rot organzaschleier 2farbig changierend gold_stahlblau         
orangeredgold  orange-black  pinkred-gold      red-black   light  turquoise-red      gold-blue    violet-dark grey       

     blue-red         green-red     turquoise-black        


       (sorry, no picture)
       black           gold                 red, yellow, white

Chrystalorganza 2-tone:

           (sorry, no picture)
green-turquoise turquoise-red          green-red

1 veil

made of christallorganza, organza or 2-tone organza

recommended for double veil dance

other sizes available


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